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data – Single phrase clues to decipher codewords

The code:

Tea encodes T. Pea encodes P. In a bunch of two digits from 1 to five, certainly one of them encodes one of many vowels A, E, I, O or U in accordance with its worth, the opposite encodes the letter S. So:

One of many Greek letters is PSI
The previous tense of SIT is SAT

The codewords:

(P)13 + (T)13: PASTAS, Italian meals
1(T)4 + 1(T)3: STOATS, animals
1(T)5 + (P)13: STUPAS, a spot of meditation in Buddhism
(T)22 + (T)22: TSETSE, a fly that may trigger sleeping illness
(T)24 + (T)23: TSOTSI, a movie a few road thug
(T)23 + (T)33: TESTIS, a male replica organ
(T)23 + (T)23 + (P)13: Stefanos TSITSIPAS, a tennis participant



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