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Braingle » ‘Summary Materials’ Mentalrobics Article

Beforehand, now we have mentioned a number of completely different mnemonics (Hyperlink, Loci, Peg) that depend on your means to visualise an affiliation between two completely different objects. These visualizations are simple to supply when the objects to recollect are concrete nouns comparable to frog, rose, or moon, however they turn into tougher when it’s worthwhile to memorize summary phrases comparable to rich, drained, or consideration. Attempt one among these three strategies to make efficient visualizations from summary phrases.

Visualize one thing associated to the phrase

If it’s worthwhile to memorize the phrase “rich,” you may visualize a bag of cash or a pile of gold cash. To memorize “Abraham Lincoln,” you could possibly visualize a stovetop hat.

Visualize a trigger or impact of the phrase

To memorize the phrase “drained,” you could possibly think about a mattress with fluffy pillows. For the summary phrase “robust,” you could possibly visualize some barbell weights.

Visualize one thing that sounds just like the phrase

For the phrase “look,” you could possibly use the rhyming phrase “ebook” as an alternative. For the phrase “consideration,” you could possibly use “a tent + nun.”

After you have created a concrete picture from an summary phrase, you’ll be able to then use the opposite strategies to recollect this picture.



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